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Sanskriti Arts & Music

Sanskriti Arts & Music is an reputed institute of highly trained and experienced professional who have joined together to impart high quality training in the field of arts and music. Sanskriti Arts & Music offers certificate level, diplomas, short duration music courses and western - classical vocals for the beginners to help understanding music, learn music, play music and enjoy music...

Music is the food for our soul and fuel for a creative mind which expands the imagination and creativity. Sanskriti Arts & Music can make that happen for you.

Here teachers are qualified instructors with degrees and diplomas in performance. They are extensively trained in all areas of teaching group and solo methods for their respective instruments. After admission to the students preferred course, Sanskriti Arts & Music carefully select a teacher which would be best suited to the students level and requirements.

Franchise Fact:

Area Req: 800 - 2000 sq ft

Total Investment: 5 - 10 Lacs

Expansion: Pan India

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