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Muscle & Strength

Muscle & Strength India is a leading retailer of fitness supplements & nutritional products, based in Delhi. The brand offers high-quality fitness supplement and nutritional products manufactured by international fitness brand under a single roof. Muscle & Strength India was started with an aim to provide a consistent supply of high quality and genuine nutritional and supplement products at an economical price point to Indian fitness enthusiasts.

Muscle & Strength India provide international-grade fitness products according to the dynamic requirements of modern Indians and is committed to offer everything that meets diverse fitness needs of an individual.

Muscle & Strength India provides the widest range of vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition, supplements, etc. through its stores. The brand assists an individual by providing supplements and nutritional products that are required at various stages in their journey towards a fit lifestyle.

Franchise Fact:

Area Req: 100 - 500 sq ft

Total Investment: 8 - 15Lacs

Expansion: Pan India

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