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Millennium School Franchise: Start a School

One of the most rewarding aspects of setting up a school is that you can make a difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of the children who study in them. Financial gains may be a part of the whole transaction, but the true sense of achievement is felt when these children think of their school and all the people in the school with gratitude and respect.

However, this does not happen just with good intentions. School business is fraught with various pitfalls if the right decisions and correct guidance is not given.

Simple matters like the location of the classrooms, activity rooms, administrative block, etc can also make a difference in the way the school is perceived. There is also a need to instill positive values in each member of the school and to get them to take pride in the work they do. This can be achieved if they trust the brand that has the reputation of achieving good results.

Any challenge is manageable when there is a team of professionals behind the scenes, guiding and counseling you at every step. The brand is keen to retain their image and hence go out of their way to make sure that everything is in place. If the school does well and the number of children increases, the situation is mutually beneficial and hence they will take a personal interest in the school's well being. The long term partnership has numerous other benefits for both the franchisee and the franchising partner.

Franchise Fact:

Area: 2.5 Acre - 5 Acre

Total Investment: 4 Cr. - 6 Cr.

Expansion: Pan india

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