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Bittoo Tikki Wala Franchise:

OUR HISTORY The history of BTW popularly known as "BittooTikkiWala" is very interesting and inspiring. In his early days at a small town of Ayodhya, Sh S R Yadav was respected as a tutor who used to give tuitions to poor students and popularly addressed as Masterji. As the turn of events, his mentors, well-wishers advised him to start something on his own and prove his mettle rather than depend on someone for his living. Having no business acumen, but only faith & confidence in himself, he set on a glorious journey. The concept and thought of doing own business took shape in the form of crispy Tikki and other ready to eat snacks.


To be acclaimed as the India's top food & beverages company with world-class processes, technologies and customer-friendly approach. We strive to appeal to the senses of our clients in the freshest way possible.

Franchise Fact:

Area: 2000 - 7000 sq.ft

Total Investment: 1.5 Cr. - 2 Cr.

Expansion: Pan india

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